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"It's such an honor to be on the cover of Savibiz Magazine! The entire issue was packed with awesome tips and Fire Nation loved it! We got a huge flood of congrats and interest. Thank you for the awesome opportunity!"

Kate Erickson and John Lee Dumas
Entrepreneur on Fire



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From the Desk of Dr. Vrunda Davé:

This is the true story of two guys I went to high school with in Los Angeles. We all grew up in a quaint little community that I still love to this day. One of these guys was tall, handsome, smart, and affluent. He was Student Body President and had a way with the young women. People loved to call him "charismatic" with an intellectual twist. He was the "Golden Guy"of our graduating class – destined to take his blue eyed charm all the way to the top.

The other guy was just different. He was the "Regular Guy". Yes he was smart, but he didn't come from money nor did he have a way with people. He was down to earth, likeable, but he blended into the crowd. No one expected great things from him. They were both my friends and we had many classes together.

Over the past 20 years, we all lost touch but then the magic of Facebook brought us all back together. And I was in shock!

Today, "Golden Guy" holds a "marketing" position in a medium-sized company while "Regular Guy" is a Grammy Award winning Jazz musician and an ultra-popular comic book writer who wrote the 75th Anniversary edition comic book for a legendary franchise. (I know which one but I can't tell!)

"Regular Guy" is rocking it! He's an entrepreneur on fire and has steadily built his brand into a wildly successful hybrid of writer/artist/musician. He's living life on his own terms and loving every moment of it with his family!

What is the Differentiator?

Have you ever wondered, as I have, what really makes a difference in people's lives? Why do people achieve different levels of success?Why do some people succeed despite big challenges? Why do some people who have everything going for them never reach their full potential?

Malcolm Gladwell in his book "The Tipping Point" and many others studied the lives of super-achievers from Bill Gates to The Beatles. What they found is amazing and goes against popular belief: "genius" or "talent" only plays a small role in a person's success.

I believe the answer lies in who you think you are, what you know, how you use your knowledge, and whether you're willing to put in the effort to achieve mastery in their field.

In other words, everyone from "Regular Guy" to Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were ON FIRE! They got the knowledge they needed, connected with the best mentors, and took charge of their success.

So the question is, ARE YOU?

Or, Does This Sound More Like You?

In today's world of too many choices, you're drowning in information overwhelm: too much "free" content, too many strategies, too many tools, too much technology and too many "business gurus" telling you what to do.

You feel like you're spinning your wheels – working hard but not getting the results you want and deserve.

Or worse, you're chasing every new shiny object thinking it will be the one that opens the floodgates to business success.

Ultimately, instead of feeling ON FIRE about your business, you feel burdened and drained by not reaching your full potential.

Or, if you're staying positive and taking action every day, the daily struggle of running your business gets you down as the stress of making it profitable keeps creeping up. I'm sure you've been researching on-line for a long time now. You've also probably seen every type of offer and promise out there, so I won't try to top any of them.

Nor will I insult your intelligence.


Wit, charm and charisma are your magic. Getting you in the zone is ours!

If you're the type of person who's always looking for a free lunch and can't escape your negativity because complaints and inaction are your constant companions, then forget Savibiz. Our community can't do anything for you.

On the other hand, if you're an enthusiastic and savvy entrepreneur on your path to greatness, then you're in the right place!

Savibiz keeps your entrepreneurial passion burning bright by taking away your overwhelm. We'll sift and sort and do all the heavy lifting and deliver only the best and brightest experts, mentors, and strategies directly to you.

If you're ready to save precious time, energy, and money and simplify your entrepreneurial journey and get lots of inspiration and support along the way, Savibiz may well be the smartest small investment you can make now!

An Investment in Your Success at Less Than $1 an Issue

For just a few pennies a day, as a Savibiz member, you'll be served by over 50 moguls and experts whose one goal is to make your business highly profitable and fun no matter where you are in your journey.

You'll get simple, actionable strategies on all of the moving parts of a successful business such as sales, marketing, mindset, lead generation, list building, funding/money, advertising, social media, public relations, hiring and much more!

Get instant access to all 27 issues. The entire collection is ready for you in your Member's Portal.

To Your Unstoppable Success,

Dr. Vrunda Davé


Entire Magazine Collection (27 Issues) Only $19.99



"I just got my subscription to Savibiz Magazine and as a sassy mom and entrepreneur with a flair for communication I confess I'm already in love! The sexy style is so friendly and easy to read. And the content…WOW! You have outdone yourselves! I recommend that every serious entrepreneur get a subscription STAT!"

~Lorri Morgan-Ferrero

“I stumbled on Savibiz Magazine on a lazy Saturday while browsing the Apple App Store. I had just recently started my business and was looking for material that was tailored to new entrepreneurs. Voila- Savibiz! I initially downloaded a sample, but within hours I found myself purchasing six issues of the magazine. It is so good to learn about all of the most important issues in starting and growing a business discussed in one magazine. Kudos to the team, keep up the good work; you never know whose life you will impact by what you do.”

~Marieanne Atim
Lagos, Nigeria


"I am so excited to finally find a magazine that's truly written for women in business. it's all inclusive – for women at every level of business. It has the powerful combination of beauty and brains. In a single word, Transforming. A must read for any women that wants to be more savvy in business and life."

~Tari Bussard

"Savibiz Magazine is a pleasure to read! What great information from such inspirational entrepreneurs who are so honest about how they actually achieved their success. My favorite was the Melanie Duncan issue where she teaches us the power of pinning and using Pinterest to grow your business. Savibiz is far ahead of any other business magazine I've read because it speaks to entrepreneurs' biggest challenges in a fun, simple, yet powerful way. Thank you for such a great magazine!"

~Julie Walker

"I love Savibiz Magazine! Even though it's for women, there's so much useful business content that I think men would love it too. It's wonderful to see such diversity, teaching and wisdom being shared so freely. Thank you to the Publisher & the article authors!"

~Roberta Eastman

  • Amazing Content

    "Thank you Savibiz Magazine for showing the business backgrounds of a variety of dynamic women. We all have a story to tell on how we came to build our lifestyle businesses. Love the spirit of celebrating the genius in every woman. Savibiz Magazine is a great resource for best practices in today's ever changing market place. It's refreshing to find a business magazine that is so useful and a pleasure to read. Love your work!"

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    "A business subscription worth having. It's refreshing to find a magazine that is really for new entrepreneurs trying to build a successful business. Great Articles with quality content. I am going to share this with my team and fellow entrepreneurs in my networking group."

    Notable Networker

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    "As a woman who has been independent for over 5 years, I have learned a lot about how to achieve success with this magazine. I highly recommend it!"

    Erika Bush

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    "I love the articles on success, but I also really appreciate the articles on fitness and beauty. This magazine has everything I was looking for!"


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    "I love reading the interviews with successful entrepreneurs, especially the women. They give great tips and it really motivates me to succeed!"


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    "One of the best magazines for startups.If you're a new entrepreneur, you should definitely pick this one up. You won't regret it!"


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