If You're Serious About Building a Lasting, Wildly Profitable Business That Changes Lives, Then You Need This Cutting-Edge Course in Your Hands NOW!

Dear Savi Entrepreneur,

There are no secrets between us. I know you want your business to grow and thrive. I know you're ready to jump start your sales and bring in life changing income. I also know that you're excited to see your brand at the top of the marketplace.

But you're probably asking, when will this actually happen? You may be working really hard every day but not seeing the results you want and deserve fast enough.

Do you look around the leaders in your industry and wonder, "why are they so rich and successful? I'm just as smart and capable as they are. Is there something I'm missing? Is there something they're thinking and doing that I'm not?"

Every entrepreneur hungry to make it in business makes these mental comparisons whether they admit it or not. And you know what? It's the right thing to do! You should look at entrepreneurs in your niche who have it going on and are rocking their business.

Here's the TRUTH: They are NOT smarter than you. They are NOT better than you. The only difference between you and them is that they figured out how to position themselves and their brand in a way that authentically connects with their ideal customers and then they offered them simple products, services, and solutions that work. Plus, these successful entrepreneurs backed up positioning with an incredible mindset that supported their massive business growth.

The bottom line? These wildly successful entrepreneurs know how to use marketing and sales to make millions of dollars in business. But the thing is, most of these extraordinary people don't really have the time or the inclination to share their knowledge in-depth with newer entrepreneurs. Some of them share their expertise only to a small inner circle of entrepreneurs who've invested in pricey mastermind groups.


I'm Dr. Vrunda Davé, CEO of Savibiz Media Inc. and I want to welcome you to our family! I'm confident the C3 S.A.V.I Sales Funnel System™ and Savibiz Magazine will be absolute game-changers for your business – and I'm excited to hear about your success. So, here's the coolest thing about being a member of the "media". People love talking to us! They'll open up to us media folks in ways that they won't for anyone else. We cast big spotlights on them and give them the opportunity to shine.

We share their personal stories and their best advice with the world! With us, these extraordinary entrepreneurs get to re-live their biggest wins and get nostalgic about the struggles they went through to get where they are now.


I asked my friends to sit down with me so that I could bring their best stories, strategies, and advice to you. Plus, in the last class, I share all my own juicy secrets too!

Why did I do this? Because the one thing our readers share with me is that selling themselves and their business makes them feel a bit sick in the stomach. When they started their business, they were hoping that clients and customers would naturally be attracted to their product or service and just buy!

Do you feel insecure and uncomfortable when you have to take a prospective client through a sales process?

Do you get that sinking feeling in your stomach when the time comes for them to say yes or no?

Did you keep asking yourself "How do I get my ideal clients and customers to say yes?" But you don't know the answer to that question.Perhaps you've been overwhelmed by the vast amount of information out there about marketing. Maybe you've been spinning your wheels chasing shiny objects?

Well let me put your mind at ease… You're not alone. All your frustration, stress, anxiety about marketing and sales ends today! Now you can learn the sales and marketing strategies that have launched small start-ups into industry leaders. And here's the best news of all: It won't require you to buy a marketing software program or an expensive coaching course. You won't need to spend days, weeks, or months learning every intricate detail about selling and marketing.

What Takes Many a Lifetime to Learn,

In today's competitive market, having a killer marketing strategy is absolutely essential. In fact, marketing is the ONLY activity responsible for bringing in revenue. No powerful marketing? No sales. And without sales, your business tanks. It's rare to find businesses that are good at sales and marketing.Period. Think about it. Even Fortune 500 companies aren't that good at it - but those who are pretty much dominate whole industries.

Consider a company like Apple. Steve Jobs was a marketer first, and an innovator second.He was at the forefront of every launch and was intimately involved with every aspect of Apple's marketing. His passion was to always sell new products to the world while inspiring Apple customers to be addicted to the brand. Developing the kind of marketing savvy that explodes sales and blows the doors off competitors is not as hard as you may think.

Most entrepreneurs don't know that confidence and conviction are the two most powerful building blocks of sales and marketing.

#1 Confidence is key. Confidence in yourself, your product, and your business.

#2 Conviction is crucial. Do you know the #1 reason why venture capitalists invest millions of dollars in startups? The Founder has iron clad conviction that they and their company will succeed. No matter what.

Creating your vision.Building your brand.Announcing your product to the world. These all require confident selling and marketing. But is confidence something you're born with? Or can it be learned? And if it can be learned, how long does it take? Weeks, months, or years? Well I'm here to tell you that many times confidence is the result of being shown the right way to do things – And then taking action on what you've just learned.

The Savibiz Sales and Marketing Master Class Reveals the Essential Ingredients for Putting You and Your Business Front and Center And Most Importantly Getting Your Customers to Buy!

Imagine being able to sit down with multi-millionaire entrepreneurs and listen to them as they tell you how they built their empires from scratch. If you discover what they know, imagine how much more smoother your business will run. Picture the effects of having a solid, tested marketing and mindset strategy.One that catapults your brand and image to the top of the industry. One that gets customers excited about your products,boosts your momentum and automatically brings in sales day after day.

Now, you have the happiness and security of consistent profit – profit born out of your success.And you have the MOST important thing of all – Financial Freedom! Allowing you to continue doing what you do best – Creating, Innovating, and Building! With the Savibiz Sales and Marketing Master Class, you get the whole story. The mindset.The motivation.The choices.The basic blueprint for success. I've designed this all in one masterclass to take you from an average business to an industry giant - in the fastest time possible.

My friends aren't just any 7-figure money makers. They're some of the most innovative and respected entrepreneurs today.

Here are Your Mentors & What You'll Learn

  • Brian Smith – Legendary Founder of UGG Boots

    • Learn why everybody struggles at first -even the most successful brands - and how to overcome it.
    • The 3 stages of a business idea and why skipping any stage can mean disaster.
    • How to turn your greatest disappointments into your greatest blessingsand why this will help you stay on track.
    • Why product quality and customer service are more important now than everand how to use it to your advantage.

    Kendall Summerhawk – Money, Marketing, and Soul Mentor

    • How to clarify your target market/niche and target them directly for almost guaranteed sales.
    • How to simplify your products and programs making your offers a no-brainer for ideal clients.
    • The importance of a winning mindset and why it could make or break you.
  • Andy Jenkins – Internet Marketing Icon

    • Why online buyers behave differently than traditional ones and how to use this to your advantage.
    • Reviews are somebody else's observation.Learn how to use them to attract prospective customers.
    • Why videos are the new marketing trendand how this can catapult your business to the top.
    • How to share great information with your customerswhile delivering a clear message about your product.

    Eli Davidson – CNN Business Expert

    • Everybody is nervous in the beginning. Why some overcome it and others get carried away.
    • Why doing what everybody else is doing could kill your business. Find out why creativity is key.
    • How the internet brought everyone together. You're no longer local – you're competing with the world.

    Max Simon – CEO, Big Vision Busines

    • Why giving more time to yourself can provide clarity in thinking.
    • How you can turn failure into an opportunity.
    • How to sharpen and clean your mind, body and spirit and develop more intuition.

    Ursula Mentjes – Award Winning Entrepreneur and Sales Expert

    • How to spot the "stuck anchor"and why you aren't moving forward fast enough.
    • Your world is full of business. How to grab it before someone else closes the sale.
    • Everyone is programmed to say "No".Learn why "No" doesn't always mean no.
  • Roger Love - Celebrity Consultant & #1 Vocal Coach in America

    • How the right voice can be a secret weapon using conversation and communication to influence.
    • Learn why content counts for only 7% of the message and the rest is totally how you deliver.
    • How to mesmerize listeners with your voice and get them hungry for you to tell them more.
    • How to write an entire book with only 10 chapter titles!
    • Why the voice box is your key to influence, persuasion and ultimate power.

    Natalie Ledwell – CEO, Mind Movies

    • There's always a solution to every challenge. Find outhow to find it and keep moving forward.
    • Learn about the low-risk, low-capital way to start marketing your business.
    • Why having a clear picture of what you want means a better life and more dollars in your pocket.
    • How to use imagery to achieve your goals.

    Christine Kane – CEO, Up Level You

    • Find out what's the most unproductive things you do. Learn how to overcome it and keep moving.
    • Why confidence is more essential for women entrepreneurs than men.
    • The one thing most entrepreneurs don't do and how it can elevate your business to the next level.

    Dr. Vrunda Dave – CEO & Publisher Savibiz Media and Magazine

    • How honesty can be the key to making it or breaking it.
    • How to take advantage of opportunities before they actually come to you.
    • Why uncertainty has the potential to take you to your greatest heights.
    • Customer satisfaction is your highest certification.Learn how to use it to take your business to the next level and beyond.


  • The Savibiz Master Class really gave me the push I needed. I knew I was just spinning my wheels in my business. And I felt a lot guilt. I felt like I had no real direction. I was looking up things online and getting overwhelmed. I wasn't getting any answers. When I started listening to these classes, I felt like the mentors were talking to me. I realized that I'm just like they were when they started. Each class gave me clear strategies and changed my mindset so that I felt empowered! I took action and my business and I have grown a lot! Thank you!

    Rachel Ramsey
  • I'm usually so busy working that I don't have the time to step back and look at my overall business. So, I listened to the classes on myipod at the gym. These entrepreneurs really cut through all the nonsense that's out there and got to the bottom line of what it really takes to build a solid business. Brian Smith and Andy Jenkins are legends! That's all I needed to hear. I had to admit that I wasn't marketing consistently enough and my strategy was on the weak side. The class helped me up my marketing game and my sales have gone up 20%.

    Brett Matheson
  • We're in the startup phase of business. We know it's a crucial time and there are a lot of pitfalls out there that can be big money, time, and energy drains. We needed solid business advice without a big price tag. The Savibiz Master Class helped us lay a great foundation for our business from the start so we didn't make many of the common and painful mistakes new entrepreneurs make. And the workbook was awesome! We worked through each section and held ourselves accountable. It brought us so much clarity on who we are as a brand and what will have to offer our customers. Now we're ready to become leaders in our market!

    Carolyn Chen & Amar Solanki

The Savibiz Sales and Marketing Master
Class Shows You How to Take Your
Business to the Next Level!

There's no better way to achieve business success than by modeling how others have done it before you. Our Master Class gives you the knowledge - and actions - of elite entrepreneurs that deliver personal and professional breakthroughs.

If you're serious about building your brand and promoting your vision - all while propelling your business forward - then this course is for you. A wealth of information like no other, you get:

  • The complete Sales and Marketing Master Class. Divided up into 10 expert interviews. Each interview features a 7-figure entrepreneur sharing their business savvy with you. Get all of the inside information you can put into ACTION today to grow your business!
  • Each interview is in MP3 format. Listen to it in the car, at home, while working out in the gym, anywhere you want! Learn anywhere, anytime making for a more productive day!
  • Each interview comes with a PDF transcript. You can follow along as you listen. Print it out and take notes. Read it on the go. Pick out the most important points and passages. You won't miss a thing!
  • Expertly crafted workbook contains Key Points, Review Questions, and Action Steps. You won't just listen and read, you'll apply what you've learned!

Take it from me, this isn't sales theory about what could work – this is real-world, battle-tested strategies that work every day in real businesses grossing over 7-figures each year in sales. Individual one-on-one coaching with each of these featured entrepreneurs would run you well into thousands of dollars. We've brought them to you for an incredible investment of just $47.00

You get all the insights, every secret tip and trick that each of these entrepreneurs used to turn their business into a 7-figure sales producing machine. When you sign up for the Savvy Biz Sales and Marketing Master Class, you get unlimited access for life. That's right, every interview with every expert – guaranteed. So, what are you waiting for?

  • You're getting the most advanced strategies from millionaire entrepreneurs.
  • You're getting years of business experience – tried and true strategies.
  • You're getting easy-to-follow action steps to implement what you're learning.
  • You're getting easy-to-follow action steps to implement what you're learning.

Get instant access to every interview, every expert strategy, every golden nugget, every tip and trick, every "aha!" moment!

To Your Unstoppable Success,

Dr. Vrunda Davé

Creator of the S.A.V.I Sales Funnel System™
Publisher, Savibiz Magazine


We're also giving you some bonuses that'll help you to implement fast, jumpstart your sales, and get amazing results!


Want to read and take notes? You'll get the full transcript of each class for quick reference and deeper learning. Highlight to your heart's content!


We took all of the key concepts, strategies and practices the experts teach in each class and put them in a workbook that takes you step-by-step through the process of building your successful business. It's like having each of these experts as your personal guide and mentor. Priceless!


We have an incredible surprise waiting for you when you join the Masterclass. We can't wait to give it to you! You're going to love it!


Your Members' Portal Gives You Instant Access To:

10 MP3 Audio Classes

10 PDF Transcripts

Class Workbook PDF


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