3 Ways a Simple Sales Funnel Can 10X Your Business  

3 Ways a Simple Sales Funnel Can 10X Your Business  

If you’ve been toying with the idea of whether or not you should implement a sales funnel into your business online, I’ve got great news for you.

The answer is yes! I’m going to break down for you why you need a sales funnel asap and the three ways a simple sales funnel can double, triple, even 10X your business. Wait for #3 because that’s the most powerful one of all!

So, a sales funnel is an automated system that nurtures your prospects into buying your product or service. Through this process, the funnel positions you as the go-to expert in your file while also building your Know-Like-and Trust factor with your prospects. Your prospects start their relationship with you at the top of your funnel with your lead magnet.

The free resource that you give them that helps solve their problem. It can be anything from an eBook, a mini-course, a checklist, to a live masterclass. When they opt-in for this free resource by giving you their name and best email address, you send them a series of automated emails that go deeper on their pain points and give them more value and education. So how can this system 10X your business?

1. Through automation

There’s no better way to put an exhausted entrepreneur into a state of ecstasy than to whisper the word “automation” in their ear! Why? Because automation is the only thing that creates marketing consistency for small businesses!

Do you know the number one reason why businesses fail? Lack of clients and customers due to inconsistent marketing! Most solopreneurs and small business owners struggle the most with this problem. The worst result of that is inconsistent income.

When you’re working hard to keep the business afloat you wear many different hats in your business to cut costs. Unfortunately, that’s a huge trap because while you’re trying to put out all the fires, you’re not consistently marketing to the right people. That’s where the sales funnel becomes your most powerful resource! Consider it the most valuable member of your team.

If you’re a solopreneur, consider your sales funnel as your first team member! It will build a solid relationship between you and your ideal customers. It will keep in touch with them. It will provide them with consistent value and education from you, the expert! It will lead them on the path to feeling like your product or service is the natural, no-brainer solution to their problem.

2. By building the momentum you need to get to higher revenue levels.

Have you ever felt that you’re just around the corner from success in your business, but you never quite get there? That means you’re feeling a lack of momentum. And that always comes from a place of not having enough quality leads every month to generate consistent income.

The funnel opens up your time to get more prospects! It helps you build the momentum you need to ramp up your sales exponentially. When you have an automated system ready to nurture those leads to buy from you, of course you’ll start focusing on bringing more leads to your funnel. That alone will immediately build your list and increase your sales.

3. By scaling your business so you’re not trying to get clients one at a time

This is a game changer for service based businesses. I know many of you watching this video are burned out from literally having enroll one client at a time. You’re working too hard for small results. You go to networking events. You speak for free. You hustle hard talking to people individually. You probably repeat yourself hundreds of times telling people about yourself and your business.

When you have a funnel in place, you can bring hundreds of prospects into it and as they go through the funnel, they will weed themselves out and leaves only a group of real clients and customers. You don’t have to speak individually to any of them until they are ready to become clients. Nor do you even have to leave your house unless you really want to!

Imagine how much time and energy it frees up, especially if you’re tired of attending endless mixers with your hundred business cards, then trying to follow up with each person, get them on the phone only to find out they’re not interested. With a sales funnel, that’s all gone. It does the talking and following up for you!

If you’re ready to get a sales funnel in place for your business, a great place to start is by getting my free video training where I show you how to build a simple sales funnel using my SAVI Funnel System. We use this unique system to build custom, high converting sales funnels for our clients everyday. It comes with a Fast Action Guide and a free issue of Savibiz Magazine.

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