How to Stand Out in a Saturated Market with a Sales Funnel

How to Stand Out in a Saturated Market with a Sales Funnel

There’s a lot of doom and gloom out there about the sheer number of competing businesses across all online niches. I know it can make you feel like your business is a needle in a haystack. It can also make you feel like burying your head in the sand of overwhelm.

Today, we’re going to banish these fears and get you placed in front of your ideal clients and customers regardless of the competition and the crowded online space.

First, you’re going to determine the level of saturation in your market. Do you know how many close competitors you actually have in your market? Is it 5, 10, 20? And do you know what they offer and at what price points? If you don’t, you must find out.

Next, you must know how your ideal clients or customers view your market. What I mean by that is, are your customers aware that the market is saturated? Are they bombarded by marketing messages from your competitors on social media? In Facebook ads? Are you ideal clients and customers seeing the same claims and offers repeatedly from you and your competitors so that they can no longer differentiate between you and them? If so, your customers may be mentally opting out whenever they see your content, ads, or offers.

What is a Mental Opt-Out?

When your customers mentally opt-out when they see a marketing message from you, it means that they automatically removing their attention from what you’re saying because they’ve already seen the same message everywhere else. And that means that your business in not standing out from the online crowd. So here’s how to change that. Here are the four steps to stand out in a saturated market.

1: Go Deep on Your Brand’s Core Strength.

Identify what your business does the best and go deep on that. Highlight that in your marketing. If you don’t know what that is, identify your brand’s core values. What makes you great? Is it more personal service? Is it extra perks or bonuses you offer? Is it a unique experience? Bring that out in your marketing in a way you you’ve never talked about it before.

Bonus Tip: Create a quote out of it and post it on beautiful stock images throughout your social media. Slowly, you’ll become known for that 1 special quality you offer your customers that no one else can.

2. Create a Greater Perceived Value for Your Products and Services.

Compete on value, not price. Don’t try to sell your products and services for cheaper than your competitors thinking that will increase sales. It won’t. It will only decrease your perceived value to your prospects. Plus, your perceived value will grow when you implement Step #1 because that which makes your brand unique raises your value in the marketplace.

3. Serve a New Submarket in Your Niche.

Are you products or services too similar to your competitors? You can fix this by niching down further and creating a submarket of prospects. For example: if you’re a personal stylist working with men who want to update their image for corporate success, you may also find that many of the men in your target market are single and don’t know how to dress well on dates. You can create a new program that helps clients dress for dating success as a different service than what you offer for career success.

4. Connect Your Marketing to a Sales Funnel.

I can bet that many of your competitors do not have a sales funnel in place to nurture their prospects to a buying decision in an automated way. Most of those competitors may even get prospects on their email lists, but then stop communicating with them in any consistent way. This is where you can truly stand out in your market!
When you connect all of your content and marketing messages to an automated sales funnel, your ideal client and customers will consistently be hearing from you, not your competitors. So when they decide to buy, who do you think they will buy from? Who’s going to stand out to them as the no-brain solution to their problem? You! Because your sales funnel will keep your business in front of their eyes by giving them valuable content with the solutions they’re looking for.

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