How to Build a Magnetic Brand Online – Video 3

How to Build a Magnetic Brand Online – Video 3

Welcome back to The Jamaica Series! This is Video #3 in a 4 video series from my vacation in Montego Bay, we’ll be doing 2 things:

1) Exploring how to connect to our inner voice of creativity. How we can create a daily space for ourselves to tap into our unique inner guidance.

2) Identifying the core characteristics of our brand using Branding Archetype cards.

These special cards will help you to clarify which of 12 brand archetypes most effectively represent you and your business. Which one most resonates with you? Are you the ruler, romantic, maverick, teacher, etc?

Based on which archetype you choose, you’ll learn which words to use in your copywriting and marketing message and what feelings your brand will evoke in your ideal clients.

The entire Branding through Archetypes journey will help you create a magnetic brand online that attracts the exact types of clients and customers you want to work with. So make sure to watch the entire 4 video series.

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