Hi! I'm Dr. Vrunda Davé.


My passion is to make your business and life a whole lot easier and more fun than it is now. If you're an enthusiastic and action-oriented entrepreneur on the path to financial and personal freedom, I'm here to help!

Did you know that success is not about being uniquely talented? It's about committing to the result you want with your entire mind, body, and soul and taking positive actions everyday with the unwavering belief that great things are coming your way!

I had to hold onto that belief when my life changed forever. Nine years ago, I was happily married and staying home to raise my two boys, ages 2 and 5. Tragedy struck. Overnight, I became a single, unemployed mom who needed a job. I had to re-invent myself and that's when I fell in love with entrepreneurship.

When I thought about getting back into the workforce, I literally felt a pain in the pit of my stomach. I knew that a corporate job would rob me of my life in exchange for a small salary. And I would be away from my boys for at least 50 hours a week at a time when they needed me the most. This is the epidemic we're facing today. The system that once provided comfort and stability to our parents' generation now robs our children of quality time and true connection with their parents. The daily grind of long commutes, boring jobs, cranky bosses, cunning coworkers and office politics stifles our creativity, kills our dreams, and often leaves us disconnected from the people we love most. Why are we always looking for "quality time" with our family, friends, and lovers? Why are so many of us living in various states of stress, frustration, and overwhelm?

We need a new way. We're ready for a fresh exit strategy from the rat race. No wonder entrepreneurship is spreading like wildfire around the world! For millions of us, it's our salvation. It's our beautiful journey to financial, emotional, and spiritual freedom! We're tired of giving our lives away to jobs and getting little in return. Look how we're evolving! A wonderful bonus in this new world of freedom is our commitment to each other. New entrepreneurs are particularly focused on how to build wildly profitable businesses while making a humanitarian impact in the world! My boys and I care deeply for the welfare of children globally. My personal mission is to help eradicate childhood hunger and disease.

That's why I founded Savibiz Media Inc. and created the S.A.V.I. Sales Funnel System™. I wanted to take my training and experience as a consultant, Ph.D. college professor, and former corporate trainer/techie, to empower people to forge their own paths to success. In today's world, building a profitable business gives you the strength to break free from mediocrity. We must set our brilliance free without fear and regret and with plenty of laughter and positivity. I believe that letting our humanity shine through our business is the path to success in the world of entrepreneurship. I'm so proud that Savibiz is a diverse educational platform that supports thousands of entrepreneurs globally.

I know most of you struggle with getting consistent in your marketing and sales process. There's just so much to do and not enough time to keep on top of it. I hear you! It's the most common problem that small businesses have and that's why I created a free video training to show you how to use our proven system to make your business an online selling machine!

It's called the S.A.V.I. Sales Funnel System™ Masterclass. This is no ordinary class. I teach you my entire system for building a simple, high converting sales funnel for your business. When you join, you also get a fast action guide and a free magazine issue!

My masterclass shows you exactly how automate your sales process so that you're not struggling to make consistent income every month. So make sure you join the class because it's going to transform the way you sell your products and services (and I know most of you hate that word!).


For more support from me, make sure to watch my weekly business building videos on our blog. Plus, join me on Facebook for live training and Q & A sessions too!

Since I've been a college professor for over 17 years, speaking is one of my great passions! Two of my keynote presentations have been a big hit at large events. They give entrepreneurs at any level in their business high impact, value driven content delivered in a highly engaging and fun style. The titles are "7 Steps to Building a Simple, High Converting Sales Funnel" and "Go For the Bold: 4 Steps to Standing Out from the Crowd Online." For more information on how to book me to speak at your live or virtual event, email us at:

No matter what step of the journey you’re on, I'm here to help you go above and beyond everything you've ever dreamed of for your business and life. It's YOUR time to shine! Be Unstoppable!

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